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Schengen Visa for UAE Resident

Schengen Visa for UAE Resident

The Requirements for the Visa process:-

  • Two recent passport pictures, not older than 6 months, please visit for proper
  • Proof of flight ticket booking or flight reservation including return
  • Proof of accommodation (i.e. valid and existing hotel booking, etc.)
  • Proof of valid travel or international health insurance covering the entire
    territory of all Schengen member states with a minimum coverage of
    € 30.000, - for medical expenses valid for the entire travel period.
  • Original passport and a copy of the passport
    Note: The passport must be valid a minimum of three months after your
    intended departure from the territory of the Schengen States and must bear the
    holders signature. The passport shall contain at least two blank pages and have
    been issued within the previous 10 years

  • Copy of all previous Schengen Visa, UK , and US visa with entry and exit stamps
  • UAE residence permit, must be valid a minimum of three months after your
    intended departure from the territory of the Schengen States

  • Copy of all UAE residence permits of the last ten years
  • Copy of the Emirates ID
  • Original letter from local sponsor
    - indicating qualification, salary, beginning of employment or sponsorship in the
    UAE as well as time frame of work leave, expected date to resume duties and
    confirmation of upright employment relationship after return from the trip:
    applicant will resume work after trip on XXX
    and duration of work contract until XXX
    - Sponsored family members (spouses, students etc.) have to enclose a copy of
    original birth and marriage certificate including an English translation

  • Original personal bank account statement for the last six months signed and
    stamped by the bank with salary income and traceable financial means

  • Valid contact information = email and mobile number

  • Applications for minors: NOC from school/university
  • NOC letter from school/university indicating registration and leave
  • For children registered in their parent ́s passport a separate application must be submitted
  • Employment Labor Contract / agreement
  • If the applicant is a minor:
    -A copy of both parents' (or legal guardians) passports;
    -N.O.C.: Consent letter mentioning purpose of the trip, destination, exact dates. Letter must be
    signed by both parents/legal guardians directly at our Visa Application Center. If one of the
    parents is abroad, he/she will be asked by the Consulate to contact the nearest Italian
    Consulate/Embassy in order to sign the consent letter in front of an officer;
    -Birth certificate: No birth certificate is required if the full name of both parents/legal guardians
    are mentioned (in English) in the applicant's passport; If not, an original or certified copy of the
    birth certificate (translated in Italian or English), duly legalized by the Italian Embassy/Consulate
    in the Country where the document has been issued, must be provided;
    -Divorced parents: Original/legalized copy of the divorce sentence with clear mention of full

    custody (translated in Italian or English);
    -Originals and/or certified copies will be returned if a copy is provided.

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